Leadership Training

Leadership can be described as a set of actions designed to help people align in a common direction, execute strategic plans, and continuously innovate. Are some born great leaders? Perhaps, I believe great leadership is a mindset combined with a range of skills that can be learned. I ensure learners are equipped with the skills to inspire others to perform, along with giving them tools to manage their own and their team’s wellbeing.

Through leadership development, management training and 1:1 coaching, I can work with your business to:

  • Equip your managers with the skills and capability to successfully lead your teams
  • Help your managers to grow your sales, maximise your profits and improve customer relationships
  • Attract, develop and retain your team members, thereby building your reputation as an employer of choice
  • Design career paths to grow internal talent to fill future leadership roles

I have 30 years’ experience in designing and delivering leadership workshops including 10 years as a leader in hospitality and 20 in L&D. I can deliver a one-off workshop or a whole leadership development programme drawing on positive psychology, focusing on building purposeful, happy, healthy careers and delivering behavioural change to shift performance.

It’s important to develop leaders who meet the needs of the organisation and invest in an environment where everyone can perform effectively, and this can be achieved through coaching, leadership development and management training.

alison thorogood leadership training
ICF Credentials and Standards Associate Certified Coach
Isle of Wight Chamber Member
Hoteliers charter supporter
animas qualified coach
holistic lifestyle and nutrition coach

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