Are our strengths a natural gift or do they develop over time?

Reminder; the characteristics of a strength are something which; 

  • we are good at
  • we enjoy 
  • energises us

Nature or Nurture?

If I think back to my favourite subjects at school: Drama, English Literature and Physical Education, I can absolutely relate them to the direction my career has taken. 

  • Drama – being on stage, you’re ‘on stage’ in a hospitality environment as soon as you open the doors and L&D, well I love to be in front of an ‘audience’ facilitating conversations in which I am passionate. 
  • English literature – I have an inbuilt curiosity in human beings; what holds us back and what makes us all tick. 
  • Physical Education – I am passionate about the Mind Body connection and try to take care of my physical and mental health and support others to do the same. 

So I, like the world of psychologists, am going to sit on the fence and say a bit of both.  

I’m pretty sure, if your natural strengths are nurtured as a child, you will find your true vocation in life far quicker. If you have a manager who has helped you identify your strengths and allocates work that enables you to play to your strengths every day, you’ll be happy and successful in your work.  

Remember; doing what you do best everyday has a positive impact on both wellbeing and performance. It’s a win-win!  

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